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[Wow Contech] ‘READi’ Eco-friendly Construction Equipment System

작성일 2023.11.14


Innovation to Reduce Fuel Costs and Carbon Emissions by 30%…
Dutch exports are successful, Launching in Korea in June

READi Robust Machine Development
Hydraulic Energy Recovery Reuse
Apply All Types of Construction Machines.

[Korea Economy = Reporter Kim Minsoo] Construction equipment is like a hippopotamus, which drinks oil. The daily fuel consumption of one 30-ton excavator is 250 liters, and the annual fuel cost is 100 million won. Con-tech company READi Robust Machine (CEO Taerang Jung) has developed an eco-friendly construction machine system called READi that can reduce fuel costs as well as reduce carbon emissions and launch in Korea in June.
READi consists of an energy storage system that stores hydraulic energy generated by construction equipment, smart valve control that automatically opens and closes the energy storage system, and a mobile app that allows easy visibility of fuel efficiency and carbon reduction.
The excavator fills the cylinder with hydraulic energy in the process of lowering the bucket, which serves as an arm and Boom acts as a hand, and the core operating principle of READi is to store, recover, and reuse this energy, which was previously discarded through hydraulic tanks.
Taerang Jung, CEO of READi Robust Machine, said, "The layout is a little different for each manufacturer, but basically all excavators have boom cylinders," and explained, "Since the READi equipment weighs about 400kg, it is easily installed by lifting it with a 1-ton excavator and attaching it to the construction machine and connecting the hose."
In the case of the mainly used 30t excavator, installing READi reduces fuel costs by up to 30%, and reduces carbon emissions accordingly.
Clients can choose 'Power Mode' and 'Echo Mode' through mobile apps. The power mode recovers hydraulic energy when lowering the boom and uses it to increase the amount of work and speed. Eco-mode is a method of using recovered hydraulic energy in an engine.
READi can be applied not only to excavators, but also to all types of construction equipment operated by hydraulic systems such as bulldozers and forklifts. This versatility overwhelms global construction equipment companies such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, and Volvo.
In particular, installing READi to an electric and hydrogen excavator can further increase the carbon reduction effect. READi Robust Machine has already been exported to a Dutch excavator company, and it plans to start selling in earnest in June in Korea.
READi Robust Machine currently holds 14 patents and has successfully attracted a total of 2.4 billion won worth of pre-A investment from Accelerator Primer and U.S. venture capital Strong Ventures, The Ventures, and Y&G Angel Investment Association. The government's support for TIPS and commercialization projects are worth about 3 billion won.
CEO Jung said, "I thought it was a waste of energy wasted while studying construction equipment in Volvo for more than 10 years, and I decided to start a business because I wanted to create an energy recovery system that can be attached to used equipment as well as new equipment," adding, "The energy recovery and storage system market will become a blue ocean as there are not many competitors."

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