Construction Equipment
We develop and provide a Smart Energy Recovery System, READiX that recovers energy wasted from the operation of excavators, a representative equipment of construction equipment. It also develops and provides control software READi EPC (Electric Pump Control), which controls the operation of the equipment and improves power usage when converted to a wired electric excavator, and READi EX, which improves the power consumption of electric battery/motor driven electric/hydrogen excavators. It also researches and supplies software for electrohydraulic control technology related to construction equipment.
  • READiX Excavator Energy Recovery System READiX is a recovery system that recovers the most abandoned boom energy from the operation of the construction equipment hydraulic system and reuses it as a power source, saving 20-30% of fuel costs exceeding KRW 100 million per year based on a 30-ton excavator and reducing carbon emissions at the same rate. In addition, READiX works with READi Members, a mobile application developed by the company, to store data from the equipment in the cloud. This allows READiX-installed equipment to monitor equipment status in real time and to diagnose and manage issues with the equipment at any time.
  • READi EPC The READi EPC provides the necessary control software solution for the normal operation of the wired electrical excavator. Wired electric excavators are used at high operating costs in scrap yards and industrial recycling waste disposal plants. The hydraulic pump of the excavator converted to a wired electric excavator is powered by an electric motor rather than a diesel engine. Until now most wired retrofit companies have easily converted diesel excavators into electric ones. However, the latest models of diesel excavator will not function normally if the engine of the diesel excavator is removed. The READi EPC (Electric Pump Control) solution is a control software solution that allows these issues to function normally without errors. READi EPC Advantages
    • 01 Extension of life of electric motor and hydraulic drive unit with control program considering energy efficiency of electric motor
    • 02 Stronger and faster control of equipment based on workplace and client preferences
    • 03 Electric hydraulic pump control considering electric motor efficiency reduces power consumption and heating value of hydraulic oil
    • 04 Can be used additional attachments such as grapples and breaker hammers without any issues
    • 05 Installation in less than an hour
  • READi EX RREADi EX is an energy recovery system for electric/hydrogen excavators with evolved functions of the excavator energy recovery system READiX. Electric/hydrogen excavators require more precise and delicate hydraulic energy system control and power usage management. Electric/hydrogen excavators vary in operating time depending on energy usage. Reducing energy consumption increases the operating time of the equipment. The READi EX dramatically increases the operating time of your equipment by increasing the energy efficiency of your electric/hydrogen excavators. In addition, hydraulic energy is recovered to minimize power usage and provide better performance.