READi EPC provides the essential software solutions for the normal operation of the grid excavator.

A wired electrical excavator which is called grid excavator was widely used in the steel scrap or recycling industries for the high cost of operation. The hydraulic pump of the wired electronic excavator is driven by an electronic motor not a diesel engine. So far, many grid excavator retrofitting companies easily modified diesel excavators to grid excavators.

But now, new types of diesel excavator pump are controlled by software. If the diesel engine of the excavator is removed, the excavator is not running normally.

  • 01 Lower the load on the electric motor for longer use
  • 02 Stronger and faster control of equipment
  • 03 Fine current control prevents electric motor from discharging
  • 04 Multiple types of error messages are not generated on the display
  • 05 Other attachments such as grapples and sledgehammers are available
  • 06 Quick installation in a short time