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READi's Development READi Robust Machine Raises KRW 2 Billion Investme…

작성일 2023.11.14


READi Robust Machine, which develops and sells carbon-reduced fuel efficiency improvement system "READi" through energy recovery of construction equipment, announced on the 4th that it has completed attracting 2 billion won worth of pre-A investment. Strong Ventures (US Venture Capital), The Ventures, and Y&G Angel Investment Association participated in the investment.
'READi' is a product with the function of storing and recovering potential energy generated from construction equipment to assist construction machine operation and internal combustion engine. This improves fuel efficiency and effectively reduces carbon generation. For example, the monthly fuel cost based on a 30-ton excavator exceeds about 10 million won, and READi can reduce fuel costs by more than 20% compared to the previous one. In addition to reducing fuel costs, carbon reduction effects can also be achieved.
READi is a product that recovers hydraulic energy and can be applied to eco-friendly electric and hydrogen construction machines as well as new and used diesel construction machines. Ready Roast Machine plans to mass-produce products targeting excavators by January 2023.
Through this investment, we will mass-produce products and expand models, and we plan to become an electronic hydraulic system company specializing in construction equipment through additional technology development such as automation, diagnostics, and integration with IoT technology, said Taerang Jung, CEO of READi Robust Machine.
Meanwhile, READi Robust Machine has attracted seed investment from startup accelerator primers and has been selected for the TIPS program.

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